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Fountain, Director of Bethel Boys Academy, introducing Bethel Boys Academy.(December 26, 2001) Lou Kilzer, a staff reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, writes of a girl and other children being pulled from a program in Mexico called High Impact, and alleges deplorable conditions and is closely associated with the WWASP.

Chris Goodwin, of California, led the charge to close High Impact in Mexico after his son was transferred there from another WWASP program in 2001.

A Lucedale transgender man pleaded guilty Monday to sex crimes against a transgender minor. The two sexual battery charges are for crimes committed against the same victim in Jackson County between Nov. Sexual battery carries a maximum sentence of 20 years and a charge of touching of a child for lustful purposes is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Krishna “Kris” Maroney, 24, pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual battery and one count of touching of a child for lustful purposes. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the George County Sheriff’s Department investigated the cases.

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This page lists public record sources in George County, Mississippi.

January 1990 Judge ordered Bethel Children's Home closed1994 Bethel Children's Home reopened as Bethel Boys Academy.

July 2002 Former Bethel Boys Academy student Joseph G. Paolillo, filed a million federal lawsuit against the Bethel Academy alleging the child was abused and neglected in 1998. Paolillo he was beaten until he became unconscious after he broke his arm and was subjected to verbal abuse including racial slurs.

You emphasized my relevant skills to the point that I was able to gain entry into an industry in which I had no direct experience.

I was able to enter my new job as a manager, and I desperately needed the increase in pay. ” – Colin purchased one of our Military to Civilian Transition Résumés to submit with his graduate school application.

His son was locked in a dog cage for a week at a time, hog-tied in the sun for three days, had his teeth knocked through his lips by a staffer who smashed his face repeatedly into the ground and was forced to walk around the compound's perimeter track wearing flannel underwear and a sweat suit.